Admission Withdrawal

Admission & Withdrawal


1. Admission of the students in the school is taken according to the rules made by the management of the school and CBSE guidelines.
2. Admission of the students in the school is taken only on the basis of entrance exam.
3. Transfer Certificate from previous institution is mandatory at the time of admission.
4. The students of L.K.G. will be given admission only after submission of satisfactory evidence of date of birth (the birth certificate issued by the Registrar of Births and Death of a Municipal Body only). Four years is the age limit for admission of L.K.G.
5. If a student leaves in the mid sessions will have to pay fee for the full term.
6. The decision of the principal will be final regarding the admission.


1.Every application for a leaving certificate shall be made in writing by the parent or guardian before three days.
2. Leaving Certificate will not be issued until the dues are paid.
3. Rs. 200/- will be charged for a transfer certificate and this will be issued only three days after the receipt of an application.